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A pulsating encounter ends in a draw here at the world famous Rajadamnern Stadium — Panpayak and Sangmanee couldn’t be separated tonight.

Judge 1 scored it 49/48 in favor of Sangmanee. Judge 2 scored it 49/48 to Panpayak and judge 3 scored the bout a draw: 48/48.

Full results from this tonight’s exceent Jitmuangnon promotion here at the stadium:

1 Chopper Gor Sapaotong lost to Ngaopayak ABT Nontong, via points

2 Desellek Petchyindee lost to Lukkwan Sor-Jor Waopedriew, via points

3 Kaokarat Jitmuangnon beat Yodmanoot Petpotong, via points

4 Chaiyo Petchyindee beat Banleurit Sitwatcharachai, via points

5 Yoktong Pinsinchai lost to Petnarin Por Pekko, via points

6 Samdee Petchyindee beat Priewpak Sor-Jor Vichitpadriew, via points

7 Yodpanumrung Jitmuangnon lost to Chamuaktong PK Saenchai, via points

8 Panpayak Jitmuangnon versus Sangmanee AumkaTongChiangmai ended in a draw

Update: 11-07-2017

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